Principle Values

Professionalism and Human Approach

  1. We see ourselves as partners of the plastics resin producers and preferred suppliers of the automotive and appliance industry. We have long standing experience and technical competence combined with the flexibility of a medium-sized company and a high degree of innovative potential.
  2. We try hard and with success to fulfil all customer requirements regarding our products and services. All activities and processes are aiming at this target. We achieve a high level of customer satisfaction by supplying top quality. We understand this to be the basis of our company’s economic success.

  3. The customer is in the centre of all our activities. We achieve our target of a joint and effective cooperation with our customers and suppliers by means of an open and proactive communication.

  4. We reach our goals with skilled and highly motivated employees. A team-oriented management, thorough training, objective information of the employees and a culture of open communication help us to meet these aims.

  5. We carefully handle our resources and design our processes in an efficient manner. We take care of the environment. We feel responsible for the people we employ and for our environment.

  6. We understand the continuous improvement of our management system securing the quality of our products and services, as well as our efforts and supports to maintain the environment, the industrial safety and health care and the efficient usage of energie to be a never ending obligation. We use a continuous optimization process to identify and eliminate possible weak points.