Corporate policy guidelines

Professionalism and Human Approach

Our quality policy

Kunststoffwerk VOERDE is a medium-sized private company with many years of experience in compounding and processing plastics. The company is certified according to IATF 16949. Our customer judges and decides on our quality and thus sets the standards. We also regard our colleagues in downstream processes as customers. Every activity should be carried out correctly right from the start. Error prevention avoids errors, therefore the causes must be eliminated preventively. Despite the pursuit of a zero-error strategy, it is important for us to deal with errors constructively. The continuous improvement of all processes is a permanent quality goal. We strive to increase performance through improved work processes, fewer complaints, more efficient order processing and thus lower overall costs. We demand the highest quality from our suppliers and business partners. The implementation of our quality policy is an important building block for the continued positive development of the company. All employees must participate in this and direct their efforts towards the implementation of our quality policy.

Our environmental policy

Economic activity and innovative activities have an impact on nature and the environment. As part of the overall ecological system, it is our daily obligation to affect the ecological balance as little as possible. For this purpose, we have introduced an efficient environmental management system in accordance with the international standard DIN EN ISO 14001 as well as an energy management system. Out of a sense of responsibility towards both people and the environment, we have set ourselves the goal of focusing on the avoidance or reduction of environmental pollution in our production wherever this is technically and organisationally possible and economically viable. In doing so, it is a matter of course for us to comply with legal and official regulations and other environmental interests as well as the requirements we set ourselves for environmental protection and to exceed them where possible. Our responsibility in dealing with the environment and resources requires us to identify and evaluate our significant environmental aspects and to meet regularly set environmental targets. We monitor compliance with effectiveness through regular audits. Every employee is involved in our environmental management system.

Our energy policy

Based on our corporate principles, our energy policy formulates guidelines for all employees. Our company has introduced an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001. We strive for safe, cost-effective, environmentally compatible and energy-efficient solutions for our products and their production. Therefore, we are guided by the state of the art in all environmental protection and energy management measures. In doing so, it is a matter of course for us to comply with the legal and official regulations as well as the energy consumption requirements we set ourselves and to exceed them where possible. We include our suppliers and contractual partners in this objective. We have set ourselves the goal of improving energy performance and avoiding energy waste where possible and economically viable. This requires the identification, review and evaluation of our significant energy aspects. The management sets energy targets annually. For monitoring purposes, the targets and key figures are regularly reviewed and adjusted. The continuous improvement of our energy performance is an important contribution to reducing energy consumption and thus costs.